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Revolutionizing Sales: Revenue Enablement Insights from CloseMode Podcast w/ Craig Nelson

Revolutionizing Sales: Revenue Enablement Insights from CloseMode Podcast w/ Craig Nelson

Sales enablement has evolved into a company-wide strategy called revenue enablement. Craig Nelson, Triptych’s Vice President of Sales, discussed its impact on customer experience in a recent CloseMode podcast. Here are the top three insights here shared—highlighting the transformative power of revenue enablement.

  • Insight 1: Revenue Enablement as a Company-Wide Effort
  • Insight 2: Aligning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Across Departments
  • Insight 3: Viewing Revenue Enablement as a Business Problem to Be Solved


Listen in as Craig discusses the shift from a sales-centric approach to a holistic company-wide strategy. Gain valuable insight into the importance of client-centricity, cross-functional collaboration, and the role of marketing and sales in enhancing customer experience (CX). Discover strategies for effective time management in the digital age and explore the impact of artificial intelligence on content reduction.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

The impact of revenue enablement on organizational alignment: "When you look today to revenue enablement, it's not so much a sales organizational sales thing. It's more of a company thing. And once we have seen companies that we've worked with over the years take that approach, they went further faster."

— Craig Nelson [00:02:51]

The Future of Revenue Enablement: "The other thing that I've seen in my career is some companies pay attention to the clients as a sort of job one, you know, they wanna know that not just the deployment process is right, but that the selling process and the marketing process was also right."

— Craig Nelson [00:03:43]

The Value of Cross-Functional Collaboration in Business Enablement: "For them, CX is always job #1. Right? They've got to make the client happy."

— Craig Nelson [00:06:00]

The Importance of Marketing and Sales for CX: "When you think about the way in which companies buy today, it's definitely a land and expand world…Are we thinking about making it easier for that prospective buyer to find us, understand us, then be sold on us, and get a proposal in minutes."

— Craig Nelson [00:06:30]

Shifting Time Management: "So the hardest part is gonna be shifting your time, spending more time not within your organization."

— Craig Nelson [00:07:19]

Sales Strategy in the Digital Age: "How am I going to scale in that new market in 2024? How am I going to retain deals you know, coming out of 2023, that are now at risk? You know, they're thinking like that, Brian."

— Craig Nelson [00:10:26]

Reducing Content with Artificial Intelligence: "What's been interesting is I had a client years ago who, they reduced their content after 18 months by 92%—their training, enablement, deployment content—they reduced it by over 90% because they, in a sense, found out what was noise, and they not only focused on the 8% that mattered, but they also focused on processes and tools."

— Craig Nelson [00:17:25]

Viral Topic: Content Curation: "I'd much rather come in and look at the 8% that mattered. It was the video testimonials for the clients. All of that survived. It was the playbook that talked about coaching before and after the call."

— Craig Nelson [00:19:51]

Shifting to an Indirect Model: "Alright, how are we gonna sell more through the channel in 2024, 25, 26. You really have to be thinking more long term."

— Craig Nelson [00:24:38]

The Importance of Wise Spending in Business: "You know, before you add another sales process, before you add another CRM, right, before you do these things with the latest, you know, technology or process of the day, really stop and ask, you know, what impact is this gonna have on my sellers, my partners, and my customers?"

— Craig Nelson [00:27:19]

Ready to explore these concepts further? Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Craig Nelson to discuss how revenue enablement can elevate your organization.

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