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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

Rewards & Incentives

Designed to Motivate Channels & Promote Greater Market Growth


Implement and execute performance improving programs without the challenges and inconveniences of traditional practices with the Triptych Rewards & Incentives Module. The extensive integration, customization, and automation capabilities of this module allow you to motivate and reinforce employees, sales reps, and channel partners efficiently and seamlessly from start to finish.

Incite your team to take specific actions and reward their exemplary outcomes with activity driven point systems defined by your unique business criteria and automated to simplify execution. Track and manage program performance and fulfill incentives and rewards within a single platform to increase adoption and encourage continued participation for progressive results.

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Benefits of the Triptych

Rewards & Incentives Module

  • Develop strategic activity and performance benchmarks with various audience specific program models to track program success.

  • Stimulate productivity with programs for sales activity, safety, and new product launches.

  • Bolster brand loyalty with channel partner engagement and employee milestone recognition.

  • Customization of point acquisition terms allows you to align program objectives to business objectives for greater impact on the bottom line.

  • Compound motivating factors with criteria-based systems for earning additional points.

  • Point redemption integration for simple and straightforward exchange of earned points for branded merchandise, other premium items, or monetary compensation.

  • User based tracking and reporting will enable you to track individual progress and enforce individual responsibility.Real-time leaderboard visualizations will promote individual and collective accountability and provide competitive motivation.

Features & Capabilities

Rewards & Incentives Module

  • Distinct Program Options for Targeted Engagement

  • Flexible Program Building for Multipurpose Use

  • Completely Automated Operations – From Order on Through to Fulfillment

  • Same Day Shipping Available

  • Action-Based Points Systems

  • Criteria-Based Bonus Points Systems

  • Redemption Integrations

  • User Based Data Collection and Reporting

  • Reward Sourcing, Warehousing, And Fulfillment

  • Full Suite of Rewards – Brand Name Merchandise, Monetary Rewards, Apparel, and More

  • Live Leaderboard Visibility

  • Full ERP Software Integration

  • Single Source Execution

  • Supply Chain Transparency


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