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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

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Drive Channel Productivity and Growth

Empower your marketing team to serve your entire distributed network at scale with marketing automation for financial advisors.

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Supercharge The Sales Cycle

Break down the battle lines between sales and marketing and see the impact on your bottom line. Although collaboration between the two teams has undergone significant improvement in recent years, they still struggle to work together on critical strategic elements such as which types of content to create and how to assess content performance.

With Triptych, marketers can easily track content utilization and customization while simultaneously receiving automatic feedback from advisors using the content in the field. Embedded feedback loops allow distributed advisors to indicate what’s working for them and why, so marketing can focus their resources on producing content that is more strategically effective and offers more support in sales conversations.

Triptych’s transparency, real-time data, and business intelligence automatically inform marketing which content is performing well, and which content is being ignored. In-depth data analytics, encourage you to strategically invest your resources for the greatest impact and ensure your team is creating content that advisors can and will use.

Marketing teams work hard to create content that converts, and you’re on the hook to show revenue results. Help advance leads more effectively with marketing-approved content that advisors and their individual audiences love.  

61% of businesses who surpassed their revenue goals reported using sales enablement automation versus businesses who failed to even meet their targets, of which only 46% reported using automation.

With Triptych, a fortune 200 financial services company has increased their sales team’s software adoption by 338% percent.

Real-time business analytics allow you to align your marketing operations to efforts and activities that have demonstrated strategic value for supporting advisor conversations and organizational growth. With Triptych, your teams will be better aligned, more accountable, and empowered to meet business critical goals.




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