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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

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fortify your channel partner strategy

In-depth channel visibility and actionable insights drive partner productivity and deliver desired results.

Join forces: Marketers and Partners Working Together Produce Greater Results

Channel partners in the field argue that marketing isn’t producing impactful content. Marketing argues that partners aren’t utilizing content to its full potential. Constant battling prevents anyone from realizing optimal results. Triptych’s embedded feedback loops offer insight into content utilization and performance that both marketers and channel partners can use to create more effective channel tactics.

Omnichannel visibility and real-time reporting allow you to strategically invest resources for greater impact. In-depth analytics drive your team’s energy toward producing content that’s proven to deliver your desired results. Triptych’s easy integration with your existing ERP makes implementation effortless while helping marketers and channel partners work together toward achieving common goals.


Frictionless Integration and Reporting Reduce Paperwork & Turn Around Time

In the age of information, it’s not surprising that channel partners expect to have their questions answered and supplemental funds distributed quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, responding to questions and dealing with piles of paperwork only add to a mountain of marketing responsibilities. Until Triptych.

Integrating co-op and marketing development funds into your through-channel marketing automation platform with Triptych takes the hassle out of distributing funds. Channel partners can purchase sales collateral using their co-op account like a debit card or submit receipts for items not purchased on Triptych to have their claim automatically approved or declined based your specified business rules. The system will send payment requests instantly, so partners receive their money in days instead of weeks.

Triptych’s claims distribution also reduces manual activities and paperwork with digital consumer rebates, product rebates, rewards, and loyalty program management. Offering channel partners a dealer-incentive program for attending trade shows, lunch-and-learn events, or trainings is easily facilitated with Triptych’s robust capabilities.

With full business process outsource functionality, Triptych is a unique supercharged blend of channel marketing automation and analytics. Your team has the effective tools to boost efficiency and reduce costs. Integration and intelligence help you identify oversights and optimize your channel partner program for the greatest efficiency and ROI.


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