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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

Financial Industry

Maximize the Power of Distributed Financial Marketing

Empower advisors to perfectly align your offer with the available opportunity in every client conversation to drive deals through to close with:

  • Resource management that delivers pre-approved compliant content

  • Real-time insights for more strategic efforts

  • Multimedia content delivery for situational relevance

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A Financial Marketing & Sales Portal In One Streamlined Platform

Triptych’s channel marketing enablement is tailored to advisor-specific needs, giving them the freedom necessary to close deals. Marketing managers benefit too with the ability to measure the success of their content as it’s consumed by advisors. Triptych delivers sales and marketing alignment at its finest, allowing you to stop wasting resources on inefficient processes and depleting your budget.


Help advisors operate more efficiently with intelligent partner marketing that delivers customizable, compliant content instantly, in the media of their choice.

  • True omnichannel solutions

  • 24/7 on-demand content availability

  • Data-driven content customization

  • Pre-approved, legally compliant content



Take the burden off the marketing team by scaling your marketing resources up to 10 times. Allow your team to be strategic in their marketing efforts and assist more of your advisor network, with the help of:

  • Truly centralized asset management

  • Data integration for pre-approved compliant messaging

  • Automation to eliminate repetitive tasks

  • Scalability to enable efficient personalization


Business Administration

Sales and marketing operations impact the entire organization—legal is involved with regulations that impact consumer messaging, and financial is concerned with attribution. Triptych’s channel marketing enablement delivers organization-wide coordination.

  • Content automation improves time to market

  • Business intelligence eliminates defective content

  • Automated compliance reduces costly infractions

  • Vendor agnostic integration for efficient centralization of tools




Manage Advisor Needs & Satisfy Compliance with Distributed Marketing at Scale

1,500 network advisors can’t rely on 5 marketers to deliver custom content efficiently and effectively. With Triptych, advisor support teams can work at scale using cloud-based through-channel marketing automation.

Bypassing clunky compliance approvals by offering pre-approved content keeps advisors from creating potentially damaging content. Even in advisors’ fast-paced environment, Triptych ensures every piece of content remains aligned with the highest degree of legal compliance automatically and is delivered effortlessly across your entire organization.



Empower Your Advisors
with Customizable Content

Without adequate tools and support, advisors easily become defeated by the inability to prepare for suggesting and securing deals, and marketing teams become frustrated with the inability to strategically create content.

Triptych channel marketing management gives advisors instant access to resources easily customized to fit the way they sell and speak directly to the needs of their clients. Marketers benefit from real-time data demonstrating effectiveness, so they can concentrate on creating content that sells.

Learn how Triptych makes it possible for you to elevate
your advisor network without straining your marketing team.


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Automation to Save Time and Money

If one representative personalizes a quarterly brochure or report, the cost is a drop in the bucket. When hundreds of advisors in a large, distributed sales force do the same, suddenly the time and resources of repeatedly creating, printing, and shipping add up.

Take the weight off the advisor support team and increases efficiencies 10 to 1.Triptych’s marketing resource management stores those quarterly brochures and reports in the cloud and automatically distributes them on a subscription basis.



Partner Marketing Means Spotlighting Your Brand with the Advisors

Branding teams put a lot of thought into your organization’s image and messaging—why risk any damage to them? By providing an easy-to-use toolkit for advisors to create their own content in, you are making the content effective for your advisors without sacrificing brand.

Triptych offers your advisors the ability to customize content for their audience with on-demand assets that your team pre-approved. Whether they’re selling a specific product or the entire line, you can be confident they’re demonstrating your organization’s high standards to their clients.

"A financial services customer has increased their digital transformation initiatives by over 1900% in 4 years through the use of Triptych."

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