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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

Enhanced E-Commerce Experience


Rich E-commerce Functionality for Sophisticated Searching

The e-commerce method of organization and search has proven effectiveness and established familiarity. The Triptych Enhanced E-commerce Experience module adopts these methods as well as other e-commerce functionality, such as in-depth product details, advanced product configurations, and alternative product evaluation tools, to transform antiquated and disorganized collateral repositories into clean, structured, and straightforward systems where sales reps and channel partners can quickly and easily access, identify, and order any and all necessary sales products and materials.

Benefits of the Triptych


  • Refine your collection of sales and marketing collateral with feedback collected directly from users with a rating and review system similar to those found on products available on e-commerce sites.

  • Encourage participation and utilization by driving marketing strategy while promoting new or popular campaigns and materials through an automated suggestion feature. 

  • Assist sales reps and channel partners in identifying the most applicable and impactful content with tools for examining item differences and similarities.

  • Allow users to quickly find and order their most frequently used or preferred items with product favorites for increased efficiency.

  • Simplify product categorization and identification with fine-tuned product details and additional product configuration features for visual recognition.

  • Offer product add-ons for more customized communications such as personal cards to accompany a special gift.


Features & Capabilities


  • Product Star Ratings

  • Product Reviews

  • Related Product

  • Product Recommendation

  • Product Favorites

  • Enhanced Product Description

  • Customizable Ribbon Indicators

  • Personalized order notes & cards – Branded or Generic


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