We Satisfy the Strictest Compliance Officer and Supercharge Your Entire Field Marketing Organization.

With the cloud-based Triptych platform, your healthcare organization can build efficiencies while reducing liabilities:

  • Manage compliance across the channel
  • Reduce production workload with rep-customizable content
  • Automate reporting and gain insights in real-time

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Imagine the Efficiency of a Sales Portal and Marketing Portal All In One

There’s always pressure to do more with the resources you have. Your field sales reps want to be freed from the administrative ball-and-chain and your marketing managers need the ability to measure the contribution that marketing is making. Align your teams so you can stop wasting resources on inefficient processes that drain your budget.


Enrollment Kits

Help sales operate more effectively. Your field sales force will be able to find pre-approved customizable enrollment kit components instantly, to deliver in the media of their choice.

  • Drag and drop kit building with customizable content, pre-approved for compliance
  • Content available 24/7 on-demand via our cloud-based platform
  • True omnichannel delivery including print, digital and mobile
  • Real-time analytics show what assets are trending throughout your enrollment season

Agent Marketing

Take the burden off the field marketing team by scaling your healthcare marketing resources. This allows your team to be strategic in their marketing efforts and assist more of your field sales channel, including:

  • Dynamic Ad building and resizing driven by agent profile-driven customization
  • Meeting and event support complete with customized presentations
  • Agent self-service direct marketing campaigns including list procurement
  • Agent support automation

Automated Compliance

In the middle of a pitch, there’s no time to sort out the nit-picky details of access management. Let the platform do the thinking for you: provisioning the right content and access to the right users, every time.

  • Plan-level customization and segmentation
  • Automated CMS filing stored in the cloud—even for personalized content
  • Brand protection by agent, region, product line and more
  • Scalable change management driven by brand or legal compliance issues

Localized Marketing that Meets Legal Compliance

Reps need to move quickly to make their sale, but you can’t afford a legal compliance misstep. One rep creating the content they need to make a quick sale could slip up the messaging and cost your organization up to $3 million in federal fines per instance. Keep every piece of content your field sales reps create in line with the highest degree of HIPAA and HITRUST CSF compliance, built-in automatically, and delivered effortlessly across your entire organization.

Localized Marketing that Meets Legal Compliance

Customizable Agent Support Materials at Scale

Your field sales reps are frustrated that they don’t have what they need to generate leads, and your marketing team feels the pressure to keep churning out content, even though they don’t have the data to know what works. Give your reps a confidence boost with instant access to resources via the Triptych cloud platform they can easily customize to fit the way they sell, and that speak directly to the needs of your customers. Your marketing team gets actionable data so that they can easily focus efforts on creating content that sells best.

Customizable Agent Support Materials at Scale

Want the big picture? Find out how Triptych’s cloud-based platform can catapult your field sales team to new heights without straining marketing resources.

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Transparency that Reveals Hidden Costs

If one person creates a brochure and overnights several hundred to a trade show, the cost doesn't seem that excessive. Multiply that by 500 field sales reps in a large, distributed sales force and suddenly you have a real problem. Hidden fees and inefficient processes are costing you real dollars every day. Triptych provides robust data that allows you to optimize sales and marketing operations for the greatest efficiency and ROI—think of all the non-marketing activity dollars that can go back in your budget for next year.

Transparency that Reveals Hidden Cost

Pre-approved Assets that Protect Branding

Rogue sales reps creating their own content when they can’t find what they need can cause a spread of panic across your branding team. But the team can rest easy knowing that the integrity of your brand is protected. The field sales force has room to customize content for their audience, but only with on-demand assets that your team pre-approved and guaranteed to be on-brand, effective, and compliant.

Pre-approved Assets that Protect Branding
“In the first 24 days, we engaged 5,000 field users who created over 1,650 pieces of original content. Had we created each piece with our current process, we would have spent over $1,650,000." Channel Manager Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Imagine the efficiencies you can gain with a single cloud-based sales and marketing portal that recommends the right content and allows your marketing team to scale 10x.

Now see it in action.

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