Partner Relationship Management Portal that Delivers Co-Branded Content at Scale

Triptych goes beyond a traditional digital content management platform by offering your channel partners co-branded messaging in any format while protecting your master brand. And, automated workflows extend your reach while instantaneously servicing field requests through:

  • Turn-key fully integrated co-op funds management
  • Adoption accelerators including dealer incentive and reward programs
  • Tier 1 or Tier 2 call center support giving your dealers instantaneous help

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Move beyond outdated digital content management portals & web-to-print systems. There's a better way with Triptych's Partner Relationship Management Portal

When your channel partners are meeting with potential clients, are you sure your product is making it in front of buyers’ eyes? Make sure your brand is top of mind with assets that find your reps exactly when and where they need it. Triptych’s centralized partner relationship management platform not only gives channel partners on-demand access to assets in the format they need, but it helps you centralize and manage your vendors from a single portal.


On-Demand Customized Content

Imagine giving each channel partner a dedicated marketing manager. Triptych is the next best thing with customizable, co-branded content created instantly, in the media of choice. The cloud-based partner relationship management platform provides:

  • Centralized marketing resource management, built with the reps in mind, to easily locate assets 24/7
  • True omnichannel solutions, including print, digital and 3D, available 24/7 on-demand
  • Customizable content, pre-approved to meet your master brand guidelines

Scalable Resources

Take the burden off the marketing team by scaling your resources across your large, distributed sales force. This allows your team to be strategic in their marketing efforts and assist 100% of your channel partners.

  • Give your channel partners more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. Get visibility with real-time data so that you can strategically invest your resources for impact
  • Data integration to provide pre-approved, on-brand messaging along with vendor management
  • Easy scalability to eliminate repetitive tasks and proofing nightmares

Organizational Alignment

Aligning sales and marketing operations impacts the entire organization, from the legal and branding team concerned with compliance issues to the financial team looking at budgets. Partner marketing enablement gets your entire team reaching for the same goal.

  • Fully integrated Co-op or MDF management reduces associated costs up to 50%
  • Embedded business intelligence gives visibility into the entire marketing supply chain allowing you to maximize resources
  • Vendor agnostic platform fits your business and streamlines relationship management

Set your channel partners up for success with smarter digital content management.

Without the right content at their fingertips, your channel partners are left to go rogue with your messaging and your branding. Make your brand stronger and their pitches more effective, with content that knows them. Identity-based content recommendations give your reps the power to personalize where appropriate while staying within brand guidelines.

By adding integrated co-op management, your channel partners will want to put your brand first when pitching new products and services. Your channel partners will prefer your partner enablement platform that gives them quick access to the funds they have earned and be rewarded for engaging with your brand instead of your competitor’s.

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When your marketing team knows what works, they can maximize your budget. That’s partner marketing effectiveness at its finest.

Are you confident your content is making it in front of potential clients, or are time and resources being spent on creating content that isn’t getting you returns? The opportunity cost of unused or underused marketing content for enterprise organizations is over $2 million. What could you do with a couple extra million bucks? Stop wasting money on content that simply doesn’t cut it in the field. Get visibility on top-performing assets, and let that data drive your spend toward strong return on investment.

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How can you keep your brand front and center? Find out how Triptych’s cloud-based platform makes it easy for your channel partners to deliver your brand.

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Partner relationship management means more than your channel partners staying on brand, it means they engage with your brand.

Make technology work for you by keeping your partners engaged with a single channel sales enablement toolkit that helps create and convert leads, close deals, and sell more. Drive adoption and catapult your brand as a best-in-class partner by adding integrated co-op management and giving your channel partners a single place for everything they need:

  • Print collateral
  • Digital content
  • Promotional products
  • Tradeshow items
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • New product samples
  • Training
  • Rebates or dealer rewards
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“In the first 24 days, we engaged 5,000 field users who created over 1,650 pieces of original content. Had we created each piece with our current process, we would have spent over $1,650,000." Channel Manager Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Imagine the efficiencies you can gain with a single cloud-based sales and marketing portal that recommends the right content and allows your marketing team to scale 10x.

Now see it in action.

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