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Q&A: Webinar - 'How to Realign Your CX Strategy to Shifting Buying Behaviors & Preferences' [Now On-Demand]

Prior to the presentation of our now on-demand webinar, I sat down with the CVO of Triptych, and host of How to Realign Your CX Strategy to Shifting Buying Behaviors & Preferences, Tami Marek-Loper to ask some questions and gain a sneak peek into what she and guest speaker Barbie Mattie would be presenting! The webinar recording is now available at the link below to watch at your own convenience, but I hope you'll still take the time to see what Tami had to say before the big day. 

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Question & Answer with Tami Marek-Loper 

Q: What types of insights should attendees expect to hear from you and guest speaker, Barbie Mattie? 

Tami: Well, to set the stage for our discussion, Barbie will kick off the hour by sharing data gathered in Forrester’s 2021 B2B Buying Study. This data will reveal why businesses should be prioritizing the optimization of their customer experience (CX), how buyers in specific industries have changed over the years, and what sales and marketing leaders should be doing in response to these changes. Throughout Barbies presentation, I will share anecdotal insights to exhibit how agents and partners around the world can transform data and insight into action and quickly adapt their strategy to deliver a customer experience that’s better tailored to their buyers’ new preferences.  

Q: How will this webinar be different from the webinar Triptych hosted last year? 

Tami: For starters, we have a new guest speaker this year. Barbie is also a Principal Analyst with Forrester like our previous guest, Dara Schulenberg. However, unlike Dara who specializes in Channel Marketing, Barbie specializes in B2B Marketing Executive Services which will bring a fresh, new perspective to our discussion and the data. That brings me to my next point: the data. The data is entirely new—collected in the 2021 Forrester B2B Buying Study—and we’ve worked carefully with Barbie to pull data that speaks to CX, a trend that’s very current and highly relevant across industries.  

Q: Why do you think it’s important for marketing and sales leaders to attend this webinar? 

Tami: I think that when our audience members see and hear the 2021 data compared to data collected in prior studies, it’ll be glaringly clear why attending this webinar is important. We all know that things have changed, but we don’t know exactly how things have changed, and until we do, we won’t know what actions to take moving forward. The data Barbie is going to share with our audience will demonstrate the most relevant, confirmed changes in the behaviors and preferences of B2B buyers in select industries, and it will show what marketing and sales teams need to focus their efforts on in order to adapt to those changes and deliver a customer experience that’s effective.     

Q: What’s the benefit of attending this webinar LIVE versus catching the on-demand link once it’s finished? 

Tami: The greatest benefit to attending our webinar live is, of course, participating in live polling and the Q&A segment. Although we understand that not everyone has an hour to spare to attend the webinar live, on-demand viewers won’t have the opportunity to participate in polls or ask questions and receive answers directly from Barbie and myself. The webinar will be available on-demand though, so even if you’re positive you won’t be in the live audience, be sure to register now, so you can be among the first to receive the on-demand link once it’s been generated. And, as always, if on-demand viewers find themselves with questions about Triptych they can always reach out to one our Experts to set up a meeting. 

Q: What are you most excited to share with the audience on September 28th? 

Tami: Well, I think this one is pretty obvious. Triptych is so versatile, so the opportunity to share our platform, to speak to and demonstrate its functionality, and share how it can influence even the most current marketing and sales initiatives like CX, is exciting to me. The audience gets to see just how powerful Triptych is and the impact it can have not just on marketing and sales teams but their audience and customers, too.  


Click the button below to watch on-demand and/or download the presentation slides - we hope you enjoy your session!

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