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How to Realign Your CX Strategy Webinar

Long-term shifts, as well as changes triggered by the 2020 pandemic, have formed a deep rift between businesses and their audiences. Subsequently, the engagement strategies carried out by marketing and sales teams in previous years have lost their effectiveness and customers have lost any enduring patience they once had. To close the distance between business and buyer, marketing and sales teams have to re-acquaint themselves with their target audiences and gain an understanding of new and changing buyer preferences and behaviors.

Join host Tami Marek-Loper, Chief Visionary Officer for Triptych, and featured guest speaker Barbie Mattie, Principal Analyst for Forrester as they discuss new data and insights gathered in Forrester’s most recent B2B buying study. Hear from Tami how together, that data and the Triptych Sales Enablement and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform can help sales and marketing teams in B2B industries bridge the gap between their business and their buyers.

Together they’ll discuss,

  1. What these insights reveal about the buying behaviors and preferences across regions, industries, firm sizes, and purchase types.
  2. How they reflect what we see cross-industry in current customer engagement
  3. How to realign your business strategies to buyer preferences.