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6 Tips for Creating Brand Differentiation [Infographic]

In highly competitive markets, it doesn’t pay to blend in. Successful brands create their own spotlight by bringing attention to the characteristics that make them stand out while their competitors simply blend and fade into the background. Your brand is likely different from your competitors in obvious ways, however sometimes highly effective brand differentiation isn’t obvious, but rather intertwined with your brand image, practices, experience, etc.   

Identifying or creating the less obvious types of brand differentiation can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Below is an infographic, in which we share with you a few tips for how you can create differentiation that may be subtle, or even invisible, to the eye, but highly apparent in the results it drives. 

Creating Brand Differentiation - An INFOGRAPHIC


Boost Your Brand - Brand Differentiation

Utilizing these 6 tips will help you accentuate the less obvious, yet sometimes more impactful, differences between your brand and the brands you compete with. But don’t forget about the obvious ways in which your brand differs. After all, that’s likely the reason your product or service was created in the first placeto provide something different, something that was missing from the market. Use both types of differences together to boost your brand, putting it in the spotlight and on a pedestal.