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Enablement Versus Empowerment: Which is Better For Your Organization?

"Lead from the back — and let others believe they are in front."

Nelson Mandela

Separating the meanings of “empowerment” and “enablement” may seem like splitting hairs. For leaders in sales and marketing, however, to empower or to enable is a question of real strategy. Our new infographic delves into the differences between the two, and how to make the empowerment shift within your sales organization.



Why you should lead, not manage, to achieve success

Without empowerment, your sales reps don’t have the necessary intel on their customers. They lack the autonomy to innovate and exceed sales expectations. Plus, they don't feel satisfied at work. As a result, you end up managing rather than leading.

Empowerment sends a message. For employees, it’s a reminder: You have the full support of your leaders. For managers, that message is a forecast: You have complete faith in your team and can expect growth as a result.