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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

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Forrester Channel Tech Stack [2021 UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack 2021 Released

Triptych is pleased to be listed in the 2021 Channel Software Tech Stack from Forrester's Jay McBain. With our first appearance in 2020, this is our second consecutive year being featured among top Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) providers. 

At Triptych, we continue to offer our clients essential TCMA functionality, including MDF and Co-Op management with data reporting that helps leaders analyze and measure their program Return on Investment (ROI). We also continue to advance our platform to serve the growing needs of channel program leaders and their participating partners. 



Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack 2020 Release

Following the release of Forrester’s 2020 Tech Stack, Triptych is thrilled to have earned a standing among the top Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) providers for our essential and innovative TCMA functionality. We offer our clients Through-Channel Marketing Automation, Loyalty Program Management, and Marketing Asset Management in a single intuitive cloud-based platform to give their channel partners a central location for all the brand materials and incentives they need to close deals.  

“Delivering automation of indirect sales processes, workflows, and partner programs, channel software is becoming increasingly critical to a brand’s ability to win, serve, and retain its customers and partners.” 

—Jay McBain, Lead Author 


With years of experience in the channel marketing field, we are proud to provide more than just a platform for optimizing channel partner relationships. We consult with our clients to share insights that assist them in pushing their channel sales to new heights and supporting their distributed sales networks at scale. This consultative approach coupled with our flexible software produces a unique site for each of our clients so that we can deliver on their specific business needs, ensure company-wide adoption, and optimal utilization of the Triptych suite of tools.


Triptych’s TCMA platform forges ahead in the industry with additional features such as:  

  • Fully integrated Co-Op and MDF management 
  • Advanced automated brand compliance, which allows us to ensure customization compliance and scale large sales networks in even the most regulated industries.  
  • HITRUST certified secure environment 
  • Embedded business intelligence to maximize resource value 
  • Vendor-agnostic integrations 
  • Turnkey marketing services that go beyond our TCMA platform to provide all your marketing collateral. One partner. One point of accountability.  

Find out how Triptych’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation platform can make it easy for your channel partners to deliver your brand at Tritych.com 

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