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Improve Customer Experience with Omnichannel Marketing for AEP

Improve Customer Experience with Omnichannel Marketing for AEP

The importance of customer experience (CX) can’t be overstated—especially in the healthcare insurance industry. In a recent study it was found that 94% of health insurance customers who reported a ‘very good cx’ also reported that they were ‘very likely’ to buy more products or services and recommend a company to a relative or friend. For reference, only 74% those who reported an ‘OK CX’ were likely to buy more and only 66% were likely to recommend. With the possibility for 20-30% higher results, the significance of great customer experience during Annual Enrollment, or Election, Period (AEP) is obvious.

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What does a ‘very good cx’ look like?

Customer experience, not to be confused with customer service, is the perception and associated emotions that a customer gains through their interactions with a brand throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Customers are an ambiguous crowd, which means the definition of a ‘very good cx’ is malleable, but the key to delivering a great customer experience is in the name—customer. You must focus on how the customer is interacting, where they’re interacting, and how they want to be interacting with your brand.

Comparing their current interaction with you to how they would like to be interacting will reveal the gaps in your brand experience that are inhibiting your ability to deliver a great customer experience. This is where omnichannel marketing can make an impact.

Omnichannel marketing: bridge the gap between customer experience and great customer experience

Omnichannel marketing is all about delivering a cohesive customer experience. An omnichannel approach gathers each of you marketing channels—the places in which your customers are interacting with your brand—and bridges the gaps that are preventing you from delivering the experience your customers need and want.

In an increasingly digital world, that has been accelerated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, one of the biggest gaps for healthcare insurance marketers is meeting their customer where they are. According to one study, nearly half (46%) of health insurance customers reported that their plan provider relied heavily on traditional mail even with the rising preference for digital interactions.

With omnichannel marketing you can identify a suitable mix of both channels to satisfy more customer preferences. Understanding customer preference and applying it with omnichannel marketing will create more flexibility to personalize each customer journey and boost customer engagement. 

In addition to the customer’s desire for more personalized experiences, they also seek to move through their “life cycle” with ease and at their own pace. Inconsistent branding and messaging create a disjointed transition from channel to channel—deterring customers from continuing their journeys.

Omnichannel marketing for AEP can mend the separation with brand consistency. Consistency will create a smooth flow from interaction to interaction. The effortlessness will encourage customers to continue their journey and provide a better customer experience.

Where there is inconsistency, there is also likely indistinction. The complexity of industry jargon has caused lack of clarity in healthcare and health insurance for years. This issue has only been compounded by the emergence of an uncertain and unsettling health crisis.

“Now more than ever, brands need to be clear, authentic and useful”


Employing omnichannel marketing for Annual Enrollment Period will help you simplify your messaging. If you're focused on closing the gaps between channels and remaining consistent, a single, simple and clear message will be more effective than individual messaging for each channel. Clarity will facilitate the effort to empower customer with information and make for a greater customer experience overall. 

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An investment in omnichannel marketing for AEP is an investment in great customer experience

Each organization will have its own unique flaws to fix in order to improve their customers' experience. The three above are simply examples of overarching industry weaknesses that can be addressed with omnichannel marketing. Despite gradual improvements in recent years, the customer experience in the healthcare and health insurance industry has been historically lacking. The current climate of our nation has significantly decreased consumers’ willingness to tolerate such mediocre experiences. Developing an omnichannel marketing campaign to improve customer experience will be a crucial competitive advantage for those who adopt its methodology.


Not sure how your organization can adopt omnichannel marketing for AEP? Speak with one of our experts today to learn how Triptych can help.

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