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3 Marketing & Sales Resolutions for 2022

3 Marketing & Sales Resolutions for 2022


It’s 2022, and, although we’d like to pretend that we’re not concerned about the fact that it sounds like ‘2020, too, it seems that hoping for the best and preparing for the worst is the only way to proceed. The right ‘resolutions’—or objectiveswill be important for teams to adjust to whatever the year has in store.  

3 Resolutions for Marketing & Sales In 2022 

  1. Marketing & Sales Integration
    We’ve been preaching marketing and sales alignment for years, but this year we’re switching things up a bit. We still believe in the power of alignment, but we’re also advocating for marketing and sales integration. Integrating the technology and functionality of the two teams is key to overcoming challenges such as siloed data and fragmented communication, which often hinder their ability to attain and maintain alignment.

    With integration, marketing and sales teams have access to comprehensive data and insights that can produce more targeted content and conversations, facilitate discussion of necessary improvements, and increase the seamlessness of buyer interactions for a more streamlined experience that guides your buyers through to a closed sale more efficiently.

  2. Authentic Representation
    With Buyers doing extensive research to determine brand credibility, it’s more important than ever for marketing content and sales conversations to represent your brand with transparency and consistency. Authentic messaging and communication ensure that your buyers can easily determine what to expect from your business and guarantee that your business will easily meet and exceed those expectations.

    Your ability to deliver on your brand promise is a testament to your trustworthiness, dependability, and integrity—all of which contribute to the credibility buyers are searching to corroborate. Even the slightest deviation could cause disappointment down the line, damaging your reputation, and deterring potential buyers.

  3. Be Empathetic
    No organization is above the challenges and tribulations that have caused their corporations great costs over the last few years. Compounded by staff resignations and plummeting budgets, now more than ever, buyers want to partner with organizations who show up empathetically, both in their marketing content and their sales conversations.

    To successfully demonstrate empathy for the buyer’s situation, content will need to be customizable to deliver only pertinent information and conversations will need to include insightful questions and active listening to gather insight and understanding. Together these measures will produce a greater respect and understanding between business and buyer to form a relationship that’s more than transactional.

3 Resolutions, 3 Keys to a Successful Year -

Integration, authenticity, and empathy will be key to creating and maintaining a connection with your target audience in 2022, regardless of the year’s trajectory, because they are centered around the buyer. If you can remain focused on these three resolutions, you’ll have greater success creating buyer centricity, engaging prospective buyers, and retaining current clients.


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