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Consultative Selling: Win More during AEP 2021

Consultative Selling: Win More during AEP 2021

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Picture this: you sit down at a table in your favorite restaurant. You’ve been here countless times, but today you’re excited to try something new. You’ve got an idea of what you may want, but you have a few questions first. Unfortunately, instead of asking what you want or need, the server brings you the same dish as everyone else. No questions asked. No time for objections. You’re stuck with what they’ve given you, and you have to pay for it. Big bummer, right?  

Imagine how a prospect or client feels when they’ve come to find the best insurance plan for them and instead of getting a personal consultative session, they get the same generic plan regardless of their situation. They’re stuck with it, not only for this visit, but for the entire year. They aren’t paying tens of dollars but rather hundreds of dollars. That’s not a bummer, that’s a full-on nightmare. This is how traditional sales approaches generally result. The sale gets made, but the consumer doesn’t get what they need. Selling this way during Annual Enrollment (or Election) Period (AEP) 2021, isn’t going to cut it. AEP is high stakes for consumers, which means they're dedicated to getting what they need. They're more informed than ever, and with more information comes more expectations.  


“Today’s customers demand superior experiences, as well as a commitment to their success, in exchange for their business and loyalty” 

Salesforce State of Sales 3rd Ed. 

Consumers in 2020 want someone to advocate for them, not the product. They want their very own sales champion, not a product sales representative. Consumers want modern sales approaches, like consultative selling. Consultative selling is the best way to meet the demands of consumers. Consultative selling is the best way to meet your quotas. Consultative selling results in more wins for both your clients/prospects and you. But, what is consultative selling? 


What is Consultative Selling? 

Consultative selling is a needs-based practice that strives to create relationships rather than transactions. Through honest conversation this approach seeks to understand consumer needs and offer suitable solutions.  

Practicing consultative selling is no easy task, but it works. As Lisa Earie McLeod from Forbes writes, “Consultative style selling works; the few who do it well are top performers. The research is clear; when sellers focus on customer objectives (instead of product pitches) they create more value." The following infographic provides five steps to transform you into a trusted advisor.  

Consultative Selling: 5 Steps to go from Sales Rep to Sales Champ: 

Consultative Selling emphasizes creating a personal experience for each consumer. Approaching from a consultative perspective supports pitch customization and consumer confidence. The following steps are a framework for delivering a consultative session.  


Win More with Consultative Selling during AEP 2021 

Consultative selling is the new standard. Set not by your sales organization, but by your consumers. In an era when access to information is easier than ever, consumers don't have time for any one-size-fits-all BS. They don't solely desire the biggest bang for their buck, they desire the best. Engaging in consultative selling will make you a champion—an advisor clients trust.   


Learn how Triptych empowers consultative selling in the healthcare industry visit Triptych.com/healthcare 

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