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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

Employs Triptych to Streamline Content Customization & Contain Costs

A current, and 14-year, Triptych client in the healthcare industry is saving on average over 16,000 hours annually on customized content creation, attributing to more than $500,000 in annual marketing spend saved without sacrificing sales support


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With countless acquisitions and more than 40 years of business in the healthcare industry, this healthcare organization has grown to serve both national and international members with access to essential health insurance and earn recognition as one of the top health insurance service providers in the world.

In the early 2000s, the organization’s continued growth was becoming an insurmountable challenge for their creative teams. It was determined that the organization needed an automation platform to modernize their traditional creative processes and serve their rapidly expanding network of sales representatives at scale.

After an attempt to implement a competing solution ultimately failed, the organization turned to Triptych, and—on an accelerated timeline—the organization’s branded Triptych instance was up and running in just six weeks.


Prior to onboarding their custom Triptych site, the healthcare organization relied solely on their creative teams, both internal and external, to fulfill field requests for customized content. This added responsibility was manageable when the organization’s network of agents was limited. However, the network expanded to include nearly 600 reps—all with access to the company’s over 30 targeted sales and marketing tools and the large selection of customization options—and the organization’s creative teams were quickly overwhelmed by the substantial increase in field requests.

Soon the creative team had no resources to dedicate to other critical initiatives, and the department’s return on investment (ROI) was plummeting. With additional growth imminent, the organization needed to implement a solution with scalability to support their agent network now and as it continued to expand.


The organization determined that an advanced automation solution was necessary to achieve content customization at scale and restore the creative department’s ROI to an optimal level. The organization quickly learned, however, that not just any automation solution would suffice when their first attempt with a competing solution failed to launch. Following that incident, the organization resolved to partner with Triptych to develop a custom solution that could be produced in an expedited timeframe without sacrificing quality or functionality.


The healthcare organization’s priorities were clear—support their distributed network of sales agents with customizable content as it continued to grow without diverting resources from other business essential duties or sacrificing ROI. With the tight timeline in mind, Triptych worked with the company to determine the following features and functionality that would be fundamental to the initial launch of their unique Triptych instance:


A Nimble Framework that could be adapted to serve their expanding network


Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery for easy, widespread access for their entire agent network


A centralized content repository to manage and maintain all marketing and sales collateral


Self-serve customization driven by prescribed logic to streamline content customization


A suite of variable content, formats, and distribution options for personalized content delivery


Automated compliance and additional approval workflows ensure materials are accurate and compliant down to the contract level to guarantee content is accurate for every prospect or customer.


User segmentation by region licensing, certification, etc. to regulate asset access

With these components in place, Triptych would help the organization establish content customization at scale. Their creative teams would be able to return focus to their other critical responsibilities, and their sales teams  would receive content with enhanced customization opportunities, increasing ROI across the board. In addition, this foundation also established a collaborative partnership between Triptych and the organization that would support continued improvements and advancements to their Triptych site and the entire Triptych platform. 


Since the implementation of their first Triptych instance, this healthcare organization has expanded from a network of 585 agents—or Triptych users—to 72,000 today. Furthermore, they’ve expanded their offerings, established several new business divisions, and increased their marketing and sales tactics from a mere 34 assets to 1,100 with varying degrees of customization.

Triptych’s transformation of the organization’s content customization strategy has enabled the company to diversify the personalization they offer while simultaneously eliminating the burden on their creative teams and reducing the costs associated with customizing content.

More significantly, on average, this healthcare organization saves over 16,000 hours annually on content customization, crucial hours that can be returned to sales to increase selling time and creative teams to perform their primary duties.

That time saved also attributes to more than half a million dollars in annual marketing spend that can be redistributed to more worthy initiatives without sacrificing sales support or diminishing the impact of their content.

As business needs change, the organization’s initial Triptych instance has advanced with their business through strategic collaboration with the Triptych team. Triptych works with their team to determine features and functionality that already exist as well as those that can be custom created to help the organization continue to achieve their goals and constantly increase the return on their investment. Their foundational partnership with Triptych continues to evolve alongside their company and extends far beyond their central business to their many established divisions, ensuring enterprise-wide success and ROI.

14 years later, Triptych gives the organization’s broad network of 72,000 agents the power to create over 28 customized pages of content designed specifically for their target market in just 3.5 minutes. The creative team is removed from the customization process entirely and turnaround time is cut to minutes instead of hours or even days.




The new Triptych site houses all the marketing and sales collateral agents need to sell the organization’s healthcare solutions in a centralized repository. Sales agents connect to the internet, navigate to the custom Triptych URL, and use their login credentials to access, customize, and order or download content from virtually anywhere.

Once logged into Triptych, agents can use a variety of tools to search and sort through the library of content approved and available to them. When they find what they need, they select it, and—when applicable—make customization choices based on the customization options prescribed by the healthcare organization. The customized piece is then generated for the agent, and they then have the option to submit the content for a print order or simply download it as a PDF.