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We’ve seen too many inefficiencies fly under the radar and hold companies back. Our expertise in through-channel marketing and field sales support enables small marketing teams to support distributed sales forces at scale.

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Prep for Open Enrollment/AEP with Triptych: Your Ultimate Readiness Guide

Prep for Open Enrollment/AEP with Triptych: Your Ultimate Readiness Guide

As the countdown to Open Enrollment or Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) begins, the pressure is on for healthcare organizations to streamline their marketing and sales efforts, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness. At Triptych, we understand the challenges faced by both marketing and sales teams in regulated industries. That's why our all-in-one marketing enablement and sales execution software is here to revolutionize your approach to member acquisition and revenue growth. Here’s how Triptych can empower your team and ensure readiness for the upcoming enrollment season:

Triptych: Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing and Sales

1. Localized Healthcare Marketing Meets Legal Compliance

With Triptych, you can breathe easy knowing that every piece of content created by your field sales agents adheres to the highest standards of compliance. Our platform comes equipped with built-in compliance measures, ensuring that all marketing and sales collateral meets regulatory requirements and is automatically enforced across your organization.

2. Sales Execution Made Simple

Release your field sales agents from administrative burdens and empower them to focus on what they do best – selling. Triptych’s intelligent software enables your sales teams to generate compliant materials in just minutes, freeing up valuable time for revenue-generating activities.

3. Automated Compliance

Let Triptych take care of the complex details of compliance for you. Our platform automates user permissions, ensuring that agents only have access to permitted content. Additionally, we offer plan-level customization and segmentation, automated CMS filing with cloud storage, and brand protection measures to safeguard your organization's reputation.

4. Customizable Materials at Scale

Say goodbye to generic marketing materials. With Triptych, your field sales agents have access to customizable materials at scale, allowing them to generate personalized content that resonates with buyers in less than 2 minutes. Plus, our platform provides valuable insights to drive content strategy and optimization.

5. Agent Support

Empower your distributed marketing team with scalable resources and support. Triptych offers dynamic ad building, meeting and event support, omnichannel delivery options, self-service direct marketing campaigns, and automated agent support – all designed to streamline operations and drive success.

6. Actionable Insights in Real Time

Harness the power of actionable insights to inform your marketing strategy. Triptych provides standard and custom dashboard reporting, tracking content utilization, customization trends, platform adoption, agent utilization, and financial performance – giving you the visibility you need to make informed decisions.

Triptych: Your Trusted Partner for Open Enrollment/AEP Readiness

With over 14 years of experience serving some of the nation's top healthcare companies, Triptych is your trusted partner for Open Enrollment/AEP readiness. Experience a 152% reduction in agent onboarding time, save thousands of hours on content personalization, and increase selling time by 20% – just like our current healthcare client who saved over 16,000 hours annually and redirected $500k in marketing spend towards other initiatives.

Get ready for Open Enrollment/AEP with Triptych and revolutionize your member acquisition efforts today!

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