Embrace the Maverick Spirit of Sales
Free your reps and channel partners from the administrative ball-and-chain.
Give them the tools they need, when and where they need them 
Matched to the customer’s journey, your rep’s selling style, and your way of doing business.

Triptych frees your reps and channel partners to do what they do best. Sell.
With frictionless integration, real-time intelligence, and confident compliance.
We’re not sales enablement. We’re sales empowerment.

Empowered specifically for field sales and channel partners.
Shorten sales cycles and increase selling time up to 40% 
  • Intuitive user interface including assets that find your reps
  • Only use content that’s proven to work in the field
Achieve the industry's highest rated adoption rates
  • Execute complete omnichannel programs: Print, Digital & 3D 
  • Navigate easily from desktop or mobile; no training required
  • Centralize vendors, logistics, and production in one placeNew Paragraph
Reduce admin up to 70%
and scale support 10x
  • Integrated co-op funds management and funds distribution
  • Automated brand and legal compliance across the channel
  • The ultimate self-service machine with rep-customizable content
Maximize ROI across the entire business unit
  • Analytics made easy with fully integrated real-time business intelligence
  • Tacking rep and customer engagement with content, matched to the sales cycle

"In the first 24 days, we engaged 5,000 field users 
who created over 1,650 pieces of original content. 
Had we created each piece with our current process,
we would have spent over $1,650,000."
 - Channel Manager, Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

We help the 
Chief Marketing Officer

5,000 sales reps. 5 marketers. 
That's fun math.

You didn’t get into marketing to put out fires. But someone has to make sure reps have what they need. Now you can equip the entire sales organization with relevant, customizable content and tools. Get back into the strategic role you love, with the support of a platform that provides every rep with the experience of a personal marketing assistant, 24/7.

We help the 
Chief Revenue Officer

Stop the blame game between sales and marketing.

Break down the battle lines between sales and marketing and get your entire revenue organization marching in the same direction. Real time data and transparent feedback keep your teams aligned and accountable to revenue goals.

We help the
Chief Financial Officer

Your rep paid $3 for a flyer and $14 to ship it (at least 50 times). Ouch.

Hidden fees and inefficient processes are costing you real dollars every day. Get the integration and intelligence that helps you see what’s happening under the hood, and optimize your channel for greatest efficiency and ROI.

Who We Are

Triptych is sales content management and channel marketing enablement all in one! 
We can have you asking... What could we do with a couple million extra bucks?

Where can you find those millions?
Save time with assets that find your reps. • Reduce production workload with rep-customizable content. • Move deals faster with content that’s proven to work in the field. • Execute complete omnichannel programs: from print to digital. • Navigate easily from desktop or mobile; no training required. • Distribute co-op funds for highest impact. • Automate reporting and gain insights in real-time. • Manage compliance across the channel. • Centralize vendors, logistics, and production in one place

Triptych Modules

Triptych is a modular subscription-based platform allowing your company the flexibility to design a system that is right for you. Whether you implement Triptych in a phased approach or as an enterprise system, you will be empowered for success!

Triptych Base Module • Personalization Module • Media Management Module • Integrations Module • Co-Op/MDF Module • Business Intelligence Module • Campaign Management Module • Presentation Builder Module • Subscriptions Module • Training Module

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