Help Channel Partners Keep Your Brand Front & Center with Co-Branded Content Through Triptych’s Partner Enablement Platform

Triptych will centralize all of your branded assets in one place so your channel partners will have everything they need to sell your product at their fingertips.

  • Customizable, omnichannel content makes sure your channel partners find the content they need, when they need it
  • Real-time data that automatically identifies successful sales collateral
  • Fully integrated co-op and mdf management keep your partners happy while reducing overhead in claims processing

See Sales and Profits Grow with a Single Tool for Channel Partner Enablement, Channel Partner Loyalty Program Management, and Marketing & Sales Collateral Management.

Your channel partners and marketing team will applaud the ease of use and scalability, while your leadership will see increased channel partner revenue, decreased cost of supporting the channel partners, and rapid ROI.

Scalable Co-Branded Content for Channel Partners, within Your Guidelines.

Centralized sales portal allows your marketing team to serve your entire channel, not just the squeaky wheel

Scalability is crucial when your marketing team is asked to create sales collateral for thousands or tens-of-thousands of channel partners—not to mention doing so in multiple formats. By centralizing all marketing content into a single partner enablement portal, accessible by sales on desktop or mobile, marketers no longer have to handle multiple individual requests for the same piece of content.

With Triptych, your reps go into meetings armed with pre-approved assets that meet your organization’s brand and messaging guidelines. Keep customized content in line with your brand—built-in automatically, and delivered effortlessly—with the support of a platform that provides every rep with the experience of a personal marketing assistant on-demand 24/7.


Pre-approved messaging keeps sales collateral on-brand, even when it’s personalized.

We get it, channel partners have a lot on their minds, especially in the heat of a deal, but brand compliance shouldn’t have to be one of them. If they aren’t able to find what they need, you run the risk of your brand not being seen by potential customers. Make the content work for your channel partners by providing co-branding opportunities while doing so within the guidelines of your master brand. This is true partner enablement.

Companies that enable sales with technology to personalize content have up to 21% stronger lead acceptance and up to 36% higher conversion rates. Triptych’s partner enablement platform lets your partners shape their deals with customized content that speaks directly to their buyer, without sacrificing brand compliance.

Increase Profitable Revenue Growth with Channel Marketing Automation.

Your channel partners are wasting nearly half their time trying to find the right sales material, which is time spent away from generating sales. And even after all that time, chances are they gave up and never found what they were looking for, which means your brand isn’t being seen by customers. What then?

Consider these stats:

  • On average, a third of a marketer’s time is spent completing repetitive tasks.
  • The average B2B firm spends an extra $120k per year on headcount to produce the same volume of content as a firm that invested in content efficiency.
  • Sales reps spend on average 440 hours per year searching for the right content.
  • As much as 80% of the content generated by marketing is never used, even though most of it is created for sales and channel enablement.

With Triptych, pre-approved messaging is distributed through a user-friendly platform and repetitive tasks are handled by automation. By providing channel partners with one platform to deliver the right content in the right format on-demand, you put them back in the field having meaningful face-to-face time with customers.


Stop putting out fires. Be strategic with on-demand sales support.

Your channel partners out in the field want freedom to act quickly and put the right content in their customer’s hands. Because they are running their business while trying to be marketers, they don’t have time to waste on sorting through countless logins and systems to find what they need.

And, your marketing team is already stretched thin and doesn’t have the time to immediately devote to every request from a large, distributed sales force. That wait time and lack of field sales support will likely mean the loss of a sale.

Inefficient sales collateral creation processes have a huge impact on your bottom line. Research shows the opportunity cost of unused or underused marketing content is roughly $2.3 million for enterprise organizations. Can your organization afford to leave that much on the table due to avoidable inefficient processes?

Why not give your channel partners exactly what they need, when they need it, in one central cloud-based portal that knows your field reps and suggests the best content for them. Triptych does more than intelligently deliver sales collateral. Triptych is your strategic partner.


Break down the battle lines between sales and marketing.

Your channel partners in the field say marketing isn’t producing the sales collateral they need. Marketing believes the sales force isn’t utilizing the content to its full potential. You can’t give every rep a marketer. But you can give your marketers feedback from every rep. Embedded feedback loops automatically show marketing what sales collateral is performing well and which content is being ignored, so they can work smarter on behalf of sales.

Get the omnichannel visibility and real-time reporting you need so you can strategically invest your resources for impact. In-depth analytics right at your fingertips allows you to focus more of your team’s energy into creating content that gets results.

Companies that are best-in-class at aligning marketing and sales experienced an average of 20% growth in annual revenue, compared to a 4% decline in organizations without high alignment. Triptych’s easy integrations with your existing ERP makes implementation effortless while aligning sales and marketing departments around a common goal.


Frictionless integration reduces paperwork headaches and speeds up time to market.

In today’s information age, it’s not surprising that channel partners expect to have their questions answered and co-op funds distributed quickly and efficiently. But responding to their questions and dealing with piles of paperwork only adds to your stress. Until Triptych.

Triptych’s turnkey approach to through-channel marketing takes the load off your shoulders by offering tier one and tier two call center support to handle anything from everyday support and training to recommending types of sales collateral.

And, integrating co-op and MDF payments with Triptych takes the hassle out of distributing funds. Your channel partners can pay for their sales collateral using their co-op account, just like a debit card. Or for items not purchased on Triptych, your partners can submit a receipt and the system will automatically approve or decline the claim per your specific business rules. The system will even send a payment request instantly so your partners will have their money in days instead of weeks.

Similarly, Triptych’s claims distribution reduces manual activities and paperwork with consumer rebates, product rebates, rewards, and loyalty program management as well. Offering your channel partners a dealer-incentive program for attending trade shows, lunch-and-learn events, or training is easily facilitated with Triptych’s robust capabilities.

With full business process outsource functionality, Triptych is a unique supercharged blend of marketing portal, sales portal, channel marketing automation, and analytics. Your team has effective tools to help them boost efficiency while cutting costs. Get the integration and intelligence that helps you see what’s being overlooked, and optimize for greatest efficiency and ROI.

Imagine the efficiencies you can gain with a single cloud-based sales and marketing portal that recommends the right content and allows your marketing team to scale 10x.

Now see it in action.

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