Imagine the Impact of a Sales Portal and Marketing Portal Combined into One Platform. Now Imagine Bigger.

Think beyond traditional and antiquated sales support methods. Triptych’s cloud-based hitrust certified platform revolutionizes field marketing with:

  • Worry-free compliance and data security
  • Customizable, omnichannel content for everyone
  • Real-time data across your sales and marketing ecosystem

Field Sales Support Your Whole Team Will Love

Your sales force and field marketing team will see Triptych as resource management on steroids. Your C-Suite will see compliance issues solved, efficiencies gained, and real ROI.

Be Confident with Certified Data Security and Built-In Compliance Engine

You can trust the system.

How confident are you that your reps are delivering content that is up to standard? Everyone has devices at their fingertips to connect them with the rest of the world, and with just one tap of a finger, you can send messaging out to millions via social media, file-sharing services, collaboration tools, and the list goes on. In fact, the average healthcare organization uses over 900 cloud services, yet only 7% of those cloud services meet enterprise security and compliance requirements. At a cost of up to $50,000 per minor violation per rep, it won’t take long to impact your bottom line.

If nearly 90% of healthcare organizations are using cloud services that leave them exposed to the possibility of compromised information and cyber threats, you have to be sure you’re empowering your agent marketing teams with a platform that protects against gaps in security. Whether you’re concerned about CMS compliance or ramping up HIPAA requirements, you can trust that as a HITRUST CSF certified company, your privacy and information security is held to the highest industry standards with Triptych.


Customize for your buyers with compliant localized marketing material.

Your reps want to customize content to fit the needs of the local customer, but sales reps who create their own content walk a dangerously fine line, which could turn your $10,000 deal into a $3 million lawsuit. Keep customized marketing materials in line with the directives of even the strictest compliance officer, built-in automatically, and delivered effortlessly.

We get it, your reps have a lot on their minds, especially in the heat of a deal. And, we all know if reps don't have access to what they want, when they need it, they will take matters into their own hands.  Now what?

Ask yourself:

  • Are they staying on brand?
  • Are they promising things they shouldn’t?
  • Are they complying with state and federal regulations?
  • Is it just old messaging? Maybe not wrong, but not entirely right either?

With Triptych you’re reps go into meetings armed with pre-approved assets that meet your industry regulations and your organization’s brand and messaging guidelines.

Ultimately, when you offer the right sales support, sales will give you better results. In fact, companies that enable sales with technology to personalize content have up to 21% stronger lead acceptance and 36% higher conversion rates. So, let your reps shape deals with content that speaks directly to their buyer and watch your revenue grow.

Help Sales Help Themselves More Effectively with Marketing Automation

If you love your field sales reps, set them free.

Your sales reps out in the field need the freedom to act quickly and put the right content in their customer’s hands. They don’t have time to waste on submitting a request to marketing for assets or sort through countless logins and systems to find what they need.

That wait time and lack of sales support could mean the loss of a sale, but with a self-service sales portal, Triptych makes it easy to deliver agent support materials. Reps can effortlessly find, customize, and produce on-demand assets that are guaranteed to be on-brand, effective, and in compliance with your healthcare organization’s guidelines.

Set your reps on track for success with compliant localized marketing material that meets their needs. Triptych’s cloud-based sales portal with omnichannel delivery provides sales support for everything your reps require, including:

  • Enrollment kits
  • Customized sales event materials
  • Member materials
  • Meeting and event support
  • Dynamic ad building
  • Self-service agent marketing campaigns


In a sink or swim world, put your sales reps on a speedboat.

Consider this: the average rep spends 30 hours per month searching for or creating their own selling content. Imagine how much more profitable your organization would be if reps spent that time doing what matters most: closing deals.

How much of your team’s time and resources are wasted on inefficient processes? When all of their customizable sales content is located in one centralized location, you give your reps exactly what they need, when they need it. You avoid:

  • Field sales reps preparing the night before a big pitch thinking, “I know I saw that brochure somewhere…” and wasting time trying to track it down.
  • Wasting your reps’ time creating their own content (that may not meet compliance standards) when they can’t find what they need.
  • Leaving your rep empty-handed by putting every resource at their mobile disposal, delivered on-demand.

Research shows the opportunity cost of unused or underused marketing content is roughly $2.3 million for enterprise organizations. Can your organization afford to leave that much on the table due to avoidable inefficient processes?

Sales Support that Unclogs the Marketing Pipeline

1,500 field sales reps. 5 marketers. That’s fun math.

No one gets into marketing to put out fires. But someone has to make sure reps have what they need. Scalability is crucial when your small marketing team is asked to service thousands or tens-of-thousands of field sales reps. What ends up happening is either the squeaky wheel gets the grease, or marketing is directed to service the only top performing reps, leaving the bottom 80% of your field unsupported.

Consider these stats:

  • On average, a third of a marketer’s time is spent completing repetitive tasks.
  • The average B2B firm spends an extra $120k per year on headcount to produce the same volume of content as a firm that invested in content efficiency.
  • Sales reps spend on average 440 hours per year searching for the right content and up to 50% of the content used is created by the reps themselves.

Take the burden off the field marketing team and offer sales support by scaling your healthcare marketing resources. By centralizing all marketing content into a sales portal accessible by field reps on desktop or mobile, marketers no longer have to handle multiple individual requests for the same piece of content. And, your field sales force will be able to find pre-approved customizable content instantly, with the support of a platform that provides every rep with the experience of a personal marketing assistant on-demand 24/7.


Be confident in your marketing mix: useful, findable, relevant.

Your reps are wasting nearly half their time trying to find the right sales material. And even after all that time, it is likely they gave up and never found what they were looking for. Now what?

Sales team members don’t use up to 80% of the content generated by marketing, even though most of it is created for sales and channel enablement. By providing reps with one platform to deliver the right content in the right format, you put them back in the field having meaningful face-to-face time with customers and prospects. And, with Triptych, omnichannel visibility and real-time reporting show which content is performing well and which content is being ignored, so you can strategically invest your resources for impact.

You need an eagle’s eye overview of your entire organization to track spending, productivity, and which marketing resources are creating ROI. Triptych’s robust business intelligence tools connect with your ERP to create real-time dashboards that give you a holistic view of how your marketing resources are being managed, spent, and optimized. In-depth analytics are at your disposal, so you can see what works and what doesn’t, right at your fingertips, allowing you to focus more of your team’s energy into creating content that gets results.

Revolutionize the Way Sales and Marketing Work Together

Nothing grows your top line like a united front line.

Your sales team says marketing isn’t producing the content they need. Marketing believes the sales force isn’t utilizing the content to their full potential. And neither team can agree on a formal definition of a lead. It’s time to stop the blame game between sales and marketing.

Break down the battle lines between sales and marketing and get your entire organization marching in the same direction. Companies that are best-in-class at aligning marketing and sales experienced an average of 20% growth in annual revenue, compared to a 4% decline in organizations without high alignment.

You can enable sales support and align your organization around the strategies and activities that are proven to work with real-time business analytics, and set the entire team on course for growth. Real-time data and transparent feedback loops keep your teams aligned, accountable, and empowered to meet their revenue goal.


Save your budget. Align your entire organization with integrations that increase efficiency and cut costs.

We’ve all experienced the sales rep ordering a $3 brochure, and then spending $14 to ship it last minute (and doing so 50 times). When the entire marketing supply chain is funded through different budgets, who really has ownership to drive cost efficiencies. Consider these scenarios:

  • 35% of your marketing budget is spent on non-tangible assets - otherwise known as your marketing supply chain. If the new Director of Procurement focused on optimizing the entire supply chain, think of how much more you could do.
  • Your VP of Sales just called to tell you he signed a new customer with 10,000 employees and they need personalized open enrollment materials in three weeks. Since Legal has to review all materials—and that usually takes 2-3 weeks—your choice is to pay an agency to create the materials with a rush fee, pay for overnight shipping of 10,000 kits or decline the deal. What would you do?

Clearly, providing scalable, pre-approved marketing content to sales when they need it, empowers reps to close deals faster, with less cost to your organization. With Triptych’s unique supercharged blend of marketing portal, sales portal, automation, and analytics your team has effective tools to help them work smarter—with centralized content processes that boosts efficiency while cutting cost. Get the integration and intelligence that helps you see what’s being overlooked, and optimize for greatest efficiency and ROI.

Imagine the efficiencies you can gain with a single cloud-based sales and marketing portal that recommends the right content and allows your marketing team to scale 10x.

Now see it in action.

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