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Take a Break!: 12 Books to Help you Survive AEP with your Sanity

Take a Break!: 12 Books to Help you Survive AEP with your Sanity

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Annual Election Period (AEP). No matter what you call it, AEP is serious business—and for good reason—but even the most motivated and dedicated sales or marketing employee needs to break up the solemnity. In this week’s blog regarding AEP we decided to do just that. We’re putting the strategies and best practices aside to bring you an infographic with a list of books that you can pick up when you log off.  


Seriously, Take a Break. 

Taking a break might seem preposterous during the most important season for healthcare, but the truth is, not taking a break is a precarious choice. You run the risk of burning out, and instead of losing a half hour or so, you might lose an entire day to getting back on track. Use the books suggested above as motivation to take a small break or find something else you can look forward to doing each day. Try to make it something that doesn’t require a screen to reduce eye strain. Make it a hobby or something you find relaxing and you’ll continue to practice a few of the stress less habitsuggested in Stress-Free AEP: 11 Tips for Surviving Annual Enrollment Period 2021Whatever you do—seriously—take a break. 

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